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Hangman – Game of Guessing Words

The game of word guessing commonly known as “Hangman”.
Main Project: Barcode Software

Offer Hangman on your website

<iframe src="" title="Hangman" style="width:564px;height:731px;border:0"></iframe><br><a href="">&copy; VW Software</a>

Embed the free Hangman game on your website and customize the code to suit your design. The integrated game does not use cookies and does not store user data.

To launch Hangman with a specific word category, simply replace the “en” in the URL with the appropriate category ID:

en_astronomy, en_countries, en_celebrities, en_nouns, en_citiesus

Link Hangman with word category

Alternatively, you can directly link Hangman with a word category. Use the following URL structure:

Hangman Logo




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